The holidays are here and that usually means an abundance of stress, overeating and feeling frazzled until it’s the middle of January and we aren’t sure where the time went.

Is this how you feel every year?

If you are nodding your head, welcome to the club. But there is something I need to tell you…..

It IS possible to get through the holidays without stressing yourself completely and eating your way through the pantry due to overwhelm.

I created this challenge for YOU! It is a combination of fitness tips that you can easily do at home, eating mindfully , all while staying out of overwhelm and stress. I created it to be different and here’s why. I wanted it to inspire and challenge you in a way that doesn’t add to the already busy season. This plan can fit into any lifestyle. I made it easy for you!

This is perfect for you if:

You want to do things differently

You want to lose the stress, overwhelm, anxiety and pressure

You want to enjoy delicious food without guilt by eating mindfully

You want more energy and motivation for the busy holiday season

You are ready to have a healthy holiday season and feel great at the end of the year.

I want to invite you to my Fit and Festive Holiday Challenge, where I’ll be sharing some if my favorite tips on how to navigate the holidays in a healthy and manageable way while still enjoying the foods you wait all year long to savor.

The magic of the season is something I love to really soak up, but the busy nature of the season can make it feel like a juggling act. The parties, family gatherings, baking, cooking shopping–the calendar is full, but with some mindfulness and intention setting–your heart can be too.

Join me for the Fit and Festive Challenge starting December 8, 2019.